Where Baseball and Family Meet: An Epoxy Floor Installation

“Does Anyone Know Someone Who Does Epoxy Floors?”

It all started with a Facebook post we were tagged in inquiring about an epoxy floor installation. Austin replied and was able to meet Vinnie and Amy Benavidez the next day for a quote. After seeing the space Austin was really excited to bid this job. The floor is in an old warehouse in the historic part of our city. The owners are in the process of remodeling in preparation of opening a new business. The walls are painted a bright blue and corrugated metal was used throughout, giving the place a really cool vibe.

But the floor, well the floor needed some help. The concrete was old, cracking, and years ago someone had painted on a gray urethane coating, that was flaking off. They were interested in a 3-Layer Flake Epoxy Floor System, to help protect the floor from future damage and to add that pop, so the floor would match the rest of the building. We recommended a cove base to help give even more protection against any water that might come in from the large overhead door that faces the street. With this system not only would they have a seamless floor, but the cove base would also protect the wall from water, four inches up the wall.


Before any of the work has begun


Planning and Designing the 3-Layer Flake Epoxy Floor

Austin asked what the space was to be used for and he was told that they were planning on opening batting cages, and this space would be used as a waiting area. Baseball and an Epoxy Floor?! Both things Austin really loves. You see, Austin played baseball his whole life, and still loves the sport. He is so excited there is going to be a facility in town that he can take our son to during the long Idaho winters. Whether we got this job or not, Vinnie got a family of supporters for the batting cages.

Once our quote was accepted, it was time to pick out the flake color. Over the last few months I had been getting very familiar with all the different flake colors and combinations that our vendor offers. Seriously it took months because there are so many awesome customization options! When I saw the photos of the building that Austin took during the quote, I knew which one I wanted the Benavidez to choose. The quad-color flake combination is called Orbit and it is such a fun flake. It has white, gray, some black and…BLUE! The same blue that is on the walls in the building. I knew design wise it would look so, so good. My fingers were crossed that they would see my vision. We pulled the 1/4″ Orbit Flake out of our sample box, and everyone was automatically drawn to the blue. To say we were excited to watch this floor come together would be and understatement. But the flake color still isn’t the best part about this project.


Orbit Flake


A Very Special Epoxy Design Element


During our design meeting, I learned so much about this amazing couple and their family. Vinnie is the baseball coach at the high school that I graduated from. His passion for his players and this sport is one of the very first things you see in him. Coaching is a calling and he has definitely found his. We learned that Amy has a nephew that is currently battling T-cell Leukemia, Kash Conn, and how Kash’s battle is what inspired Vinnie to take the risk of opening a facility he had been dreaming of for years. We left the design meeting inspired by this project, and we could not wait to get started.

While we were waiting for the arrival of the product, Austin got a text from Amy. She had an amazing idea and sent us a photo to see if it was possible. Amy wanted a cancer awareness ribbon in Leukemia Awareness Orange inlayed into the floor by the entrance. She wanted to surprise Kash with it and have a daily reminder of all the reasons to live each day to the fullest. She sent us a really unique ribbon design that included a baseball seam as part of the ribbon design by Pixtorals. We immediately said yes. Austin and I were not 100% sure how we were going to do it, but we would find a way.


Putting Down the Floor


The product arrived and it was time to get to work!

Once the grinding was done and the primer was down, it was time to figure out this ribbon! We purchased the file from Pixtorals, and ended up projecting it onto a wall to trace. When it came time to put it on the floor, we laid out rows of painters tape, then traced the design onto the tape. Next we used a razor blade and cut off the extra tape, leaving us with the perfect stencil.

And now we were ready to put down some epoxy and throw some flake!

Once the flake was down and the epoxy had time to cured it was time to scrape, vacuum and get the ribbon painted. The ribbon was a team effort with every member of our team helping out in some way. Whether they were carefully cutting in the epoxy, or helping with a paint brush when it came time to paint it orange, they all wanted to be a part of such a meaningful element.

The ribbon was down and it was time to make this floor POP! We used a Polyaspartic Top Coat on this floor to give the floor extra scratch resistance, and to really make this floor shine. It was time to bring Kash in and let him see what we had been working on.

Watch a behind the scene videos on our YouTube channel here.


Meeting Kash

Last week we got the pleasure of meeting Kash and his family. He is such a funny, charismatic boy. After talking with his grandparents, aunt and uncle, and his parents we could see where he gets it. This job is one we will never forget. And it will be one that we will visit often as Austin teaches our son about the sport he loves!

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