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We offer a variety of services to improve your space in a professional manner. We are licensed and bonded for Residential, Commercial and Industrial spaces, so we are able to deliver on a wide variety of client needs.

What We Do

Durable, high quality epoxy coatings for anything you need...

Anderson Epoxy offers a variety of different flooring for different purposes.  Epoxy is versatile in style and can be applied in most spaces, allowing for one-of-a-kind floors. Our materials are industrial grade, perfect for longevity and easy maintenance.  


Epoxy can be installed in many colors, patterns, and textures. The designs can serve a practical function for easy maintenance while providing clean and durable look for your garage!

Interior Residential

Epoxy coating is one of the most versatile and durable floor coatings on the market. Create your unique look for any living room, kitchen, bathroom, hallway or anywhere else you feel creative in your home!


Epoxy flooring systems are customizable to meet the needs of commercial spaces. Its non-porous barrier prevents the spread of bacteria. Additionally, it can also be slip-resistant, creating a sanitary and safe environment for your business!


We have an assortment of vinyl flakes that produce a flush finish for garage floors, retail floors, industrial floors and commercial floors. Adding flakes to your epoxy floor coating brings a great aesthetic as well as adds durability and longevity to the floor.
Metallic color pigments are composed of nanoparticles coated with various pigments to create a unique pearlescent and iridescent look.  Metallic particles give the coating a shine that reflects light and colors in a shimmery way. Glitter is a more sparkly option, with a variety of colors to give you endless choices.
Our expertise will help determine what is best for your exposed concrete. We offer concrete stains, seals, polishing, and resurfacing.
Polished concrete is a safe choice for industrial spaces, commercial, and even residential spaces. It provides a sturdy finish, while still showing off natural concrete.