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Meet Austin & Jessica

Meet the Dream Team ofAnderson Epoxy Concepts

Austin and Jessica are a dynamic duo and the perfect pair, both in their regular lives and professionally! While Austin brings the hand-on experience and the impeccable work ethic, Jessica brings the creative touch and artistic flare.

From both Austin and Jessica you can always expect a high level of professionalism, care and attention to detail so that you are confident from the beginning and all the way through that you made the right decision for your flooring needs. 

Jessica’s bubbly voice is most likely who you will first hear on the phone, and Austin’s charming smile is who you will welcome into your home. However, by the time your job is complete, there are smiles guaranteed all around!

When Austin and Jess are taking a break from delivering incredible floors, they are spending time with their beautiful family.

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Professionally trained, licensed and bonded combined with an unparalleled work ethic and attention to detail, floors made by Anderson Epoxy are always the highest quality of execution.

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Attention To Detail

Creative Touch

Dedication & Care

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What types of clients do we work with most?

While Anderson Epoxy Concepts boasts strengths in customer service, maintaining trust and rapport with all clients and always delivering quality work, what stands out the most is a floor you will love for years to come!

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Meet the Team


Austin Anderson

Owner / Project Manager
Jessica Anderson

Jessica Anderson

Owner / Office Manager

Valorie Anderson


Have more questions?F.A.Q.

Epoxy flooring offers several benefits over alternative floor systems. In addition to having a low lifecycle cost thanks to its longevity and durability, it is also easy to maintain and, unlike many commercial systems, never needs to be polished or waxed. It’s one of the few floor systems strong enough to withstand even the most demanding factory and commercial settings without deteriorating, and boasts an essentially unlimited amount of creative aesthetic options, making it ideal for any space!

While any floor is slippery when wet, epoxy is significantly more slip-resistant than the majority of other surfaces, as it has a rubber-like surface. It is technically an 8.0 rating on the non-slip index.

In roughly 10 to 14 hours after installation, you can safely walk on the floors with no problem. Within 24 hours, the floors can sufficiently handle moderate use. And after 48 to 72 hours, the floors will have achieved a full chemical cure.

Our epoxy is a resinous, self-leveling material applied as an adhesive coating to yield beautiful decorative finishes for a multitude of surface types which includes flooring, bar-tops, tabletops, and countertops. 

One of the most attractive benefits of epoxy flooring is the many options for custom colors, patterns, and designs. 

Epoxy contains a “hardening” agent that bonds the material to the surface it’s applied to helping to prevent corrosion. Epoxy significantly improve lighting ,and is resistant to harsh chemicals and deterioration.

Yes, It is important to create a profile that the epoxy can adhere to. Before starting installation, we properly prepare the floor. Acid etching can be effective in some cases, but grinding and sanding is often needed.